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Web Based, Mobile and Desktop software gives you the best of both worlds to work on any web enabled device - computers, smartphones or tablets.

EduAdmin is an unsurpassed suite of software programs designed specifically to cover every aspect of school administration. The package consists of 16   administration modules and several add-on programs. EduAdmin makes use of ONE integrated database and automates all the repetitive tasks performed by administrators on a daily basis: entering attendance, recording discipline, enrolling new students, generating report cards and maintaining timetables. 

EduAdmin's next generation software enables Email, SMS, PDA, Cell and Web Access to your data, controlled with secure login and password for your entire school community: Students, Staff, Alumni, Caregivers, Admissions Applicants, Governing Body Management... anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Our mission is to provide a software and support system to enable our clients to maintain an administrative and management climate that values and monitors high attainment for all.


EduAdmin Supports Intelligent Life

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